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About Us

CXteQ Electro-Mechanical Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co。, Ltd is committed to development, design and manufacture of electronic packaging system, especially sub-racks。 With unique and efficient EMC, ESD …

Products & Services

Company under the IEC 60 297-3 standard parts and IEEE1101。10 / 1 standard design, can be directly used to build CPCI / VME / PXI platform。 Also, to meet different customer demand 。

Our Capability

With rich design experience of application to rail transportation, radar communication, aviation and navigation, telecom, networking communication system etc, our design team has a good knowledg…

Business philosophy
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Add: #1712, Songzheng Road, Songjiang, Shanghai, PRChina
Tel: 0086 21 37697336
Email: lion.liu@qzcgjx.com
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